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The Dilemma of Yuletide Harmony: Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi’s First Christmas Tiff

The season of happiness and sparkling lights is almost here But it’s a different story for Millie Bobby Brown and her partner Jake Bongiovi, finding an agreement to celebrate their first Christmas together is a new issue. A candid interview was conducted with PEOPLE during the pop-up celebration for her new line of coffee, Florence by Mills Coffee, Millie opened up about the bizarre clash of traditional beliefs which has added a new unexpected twist to their plans for the holiday season.

The Battle of Decorations: A Prelude to Yuletide Discord

“My decorations go up before Halloween. Jake’s very much against that, but who cares?” Millie laughed and revealed the first sign of the Yuletide confusion they were in. The clash of decorative philosophies sets the scene for a unique Christmas story.

Engagement Bliss and a Christmas Conundrum

Following the announcement of their engagement earlier in the year The couple are gearing up for their first holiday season as fiances, which is a preparation for the huge celebration they are planning for the year ahead. It’s a feeling of excitement, however, and so is the difficulty of blending their own Christmas traditions.

Traditions Collide: Christmas Eve Gift-Giving Drama

In sharing their unique customs, Millie revealed, “My tradition is, you have to open a gift, big or small, on Christmas Eve. Jake didn’t do that.” The Christmas story changed surprisingly when Millie introduced Jake to the tradition by jokingly reminiscing about his adoration for the biggest gifts.

Millie’s Christmas Wonderland and the Spirit of Gratitude

For Millie, the Christmas season is more than a mere date to mark on the calendar. “It’s just where I thrive. I love the twinkly lights and the ornaments,” Millie said, painting an evocative picture of her Christmas wonderland. Reminiscing about the true meaning of the holiday season She emphasized that “The holidays are about seeing family and spending time with your loved ones, being able to truly reflect and understand how grateful we are to live in a house that’s put together.”

Thanksgiving Unity, Christmas Divergence

The couple shared a sense of common ground in celebrating Thanksgiving together with his American relatives, Millie was British and said “Obviously I’m British, so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.” But the multicultural holiday celebration became a glimpse of “what a real American Thanksgiving looked like.”

Conclusion: A Unique Christmas Journey for Millie and Jake

In the light of twinkling Christmas light bulbs, unusual traditions, and a little tension, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi begin their first Christmas together as their fiances. The clash of styles in decorating as well as gift-giving traditions and cultural distinctions add another charming element to their romance which makes this season one to be remembered.


  • Do Millie and Jake have a Christmas celebration in peace despite their divergences?
  • Despite their different opinions, Millie and Jake are determined to celebrate Christmas together and put together their own unique Christmas customs.
  • Is Millie’s favorite holiday?
  • Millie is awed by the twinkling lights and decorations that decorate her Christmas paradise creating a magical environment.
  • How did the family of Jake present Millie to America on the holiday of Thanksgiving?
  • Even though she’s British, Millie experienced an authentic American Thanksgiving celebration with Jake’s family. This provided her with an insight into the American Thanksgiving celebration.
  • The significance behind opening a present on Christmas Eve to Millie?
  • The gift exchange at the end of Christmas is a beloved tradition for Millie which symbolizes the spirit of celebration and anticipation.
  • What date are Millie and Jake looking to wed?
  • Three years after the romance, Millie and Jake announced their engagement earlier in the year. They plan to get married shortly.


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