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Revolutionising cotton production: Australia’s climate-positive initiative

Cotton, which is used widely across fashion and textiles industries worldwide, leaves an extensive carbon footprint when produced – emitting up to 5 tons of CO2 per hectare when grown. But an innovative Australian venture plans to provide climate-friendly cotton cultivation practices which could revolutionise global agricultural landscape.

Hiringa Energy, an innovative green hydrogen company and Sundown Pastoral Co have announced a landmark strategic alliance. Sundown Pastoral is an agricultural and pastoral business as well as an accredited B. Corp in Australia’s state of New South Wales (NSW), who have provided over 36 Million Dollars as financing. Together these parties will oversee construction and operation of an innovative renewable ammonia production plant located on cotton farm in NSW as part of this joint initiative.

An integral component of this program is the new method for producing green hydrogen by electrolysis, where renewable electricity is harnessed to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. This non-emissions method marks a new era in sustainable energy production while producing low carbon ammonia which may act as crop fertilizer.

Climate-positive cotton

It is powered by a 27 megawatt solar farm and is expected to produce 45,000 megawatt hours (MWh) annually, as reported by Australian news channel ABC Rural news. The investment’s ramifications could be hugely consequential: its hydrogen could replace over 1.4 million liters of imported diesel fuel and offset 17,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions directly.

Australia is committed to environmental-friendly innovation, and this initiative marks a momentous step in that regard. Additionally, it marks an exciting era for sustainable cotton production worldwide.



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