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Rubber Mallets are a Must for Installing Tile

A rubber mallet is pretty similar to your average metal-faced hammer but with one key difference. The softer head means being able to tap or hit different surfaces without doing damage to that surface in any way. It’s one of the most versatile tools you will find.

Because of that important factor, rubber mallets are perfect for installing tile. If you plan on changing up your home décor and have been eying your floors, then you definitely need to have a rubber mallet on hand.

Why Use Rubber Mallets for Tile?

The first question you’re probably asking is, “Why do I need a rubber mallet for installing tile?” Without a doubt, the biggest reason is that tiles – especially ceramic – are very fragile, and using a standard metal-faced hammer will dent, chip, and break those tiles.

Using a rubber mallet means being able to tap tiles into place without fear of breaking them. Even better, rubber mallets can be used for different types of tile and stone fixing applications like natural and artificial stone, vitrified tiles, and ceramic tiles.

Keep it Level

There are few things worse than going through a tile installation only to take a step back and realize that even one tile has been laid incorrectly. You can see it right away given how uneven that tile looks in relation to the others that have been installed.

Using a rubber mallet gives you a better shot at properly leveling stones and tiles. Not only do unlevelled tiles look bad but they also can lead to moisture and dust accumulation, which breaks down the bonding you use to adhere the tiles together. Plus, it just looks bad and the whole point of tile is to improve the aesthetics.

Tile Adhesion

At the end of the day, it is most critical to get the tiles properly lined up so that they can be properly adhered to. Failing to use a tool like a rubber mallet can leave uneven finishes that are noticeable from afar. More importantly, it can mean that there is poor adhesion, leading to shifting of the tiles. Those irregularities aren’t just aesthetic, either. They can lead to damage and even breakage of the tile surface over long periods of time.

Using a rubber mallet, you can make sure that each of the tiles is fixed into its proper place. Best of all, you don’t have to put extra adhesive on the back that can cause a mess or stick in the wrong place. When you have confidence in how the tiles have adhered to one another, you can perform installations on walls and flooring of both a vertical and horizontal nature.

Leave no Marks

Tile is delicate and has a certain appeal to it that other flooring types just don’t have. But it can also be scratched, scuffed, and marked, taking away from the overall aesthetic value of the tile itself. That’s another major reason to invest in a rubber mallet. You can tap the tiles without having to worry about leaving marks behind.

Just make sure that you get a rubber mallet with a white head. The white won’t leave a mark whereas the ones with the black rubber head can leave scuffs and dark marks. You can tap tiles into place without having to worry about scuffing them, ruining the tile, and costing yourself both time and money along the way. The most important thing that a rubber mallet does is offer enough safety to keep the material it is striking safe and protected without compromising hammer strength.



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