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Products That Deserve Better Labelling – How Sticker Labels Could Help

In a world where customers increasingly demand more information about the products they purchase, it is becoming ever more critical for companies to provide accurate and valuable labels. Poorly labelled items can leave consumers confused and unable to make informed decisions. Fortunately, modern technologies such as sticker labels enable companies to provide better product labelling quickly.

In this article, we will discuss why premium custom labels are so essential in today’s market, and which types of products can benefit from improved labelling techniques. With these insights in mind, companies can begin taking steps towards creating well-labelled products that meet consumer expectations and protect them from making uninformed purchases.

How stickers and labels can improve product labelling

High-quality stickers and labels can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve the perception of their brand. Not only do they provide customers with important product information, but they also add an element of professionalism that can help make your products stand out from the competition. We even have some label design tips for you.

Furthermore, by using durable materials such as vinyl or laminated paper, you can ensure that your labels will remain intact and readable even after extended periods of use. By investing in high-quality sticker labels, companies can not only enhance their branding efforts, but also increase sales due to improved customer perceptions.

When businesses do not invest in suitable labelling options, it can impact their brand perception negatively, interfere with sales and conversion rates and devalue the look of their product.

4 Product Types That Deserve Better Labelling

1. Takeaway boxes

Takeaway boxes are often seen as disposable, and so often do not experience a lot of labelling love. While this makes sense, these boxes are still part of the product presentation and should be treated as such. With paper-based labels, you can create a look that matches the texture of your boxes and secure the food!

2. Recyclable packaging

When you think of recyclable, you probably do not think of stickers. It is time to change that! Sustainable and recyclable products often have to compromise on their branding, simply because there are not enough eco-friendly options. But the sticker industry has moved on, and you will not find plenty of biodegradable and compostable sticker options to make your recycled packaging shine.

3. Shipping envelopes

Of course, your shipping envelopes have to be shipped. And to be shipped, they need a label. And let’s be honest, those are not always the prettiest. So why not invest in your own address label templates? Or add a fun sticker to your shipping envelope that reassures customers and makes them smile?

4. Outdoor gear

Outdoor gear is often labelled only functionally, with basic text and logo labels indicating the brand or product name. However, this does not have to be the case; there are plenty of stunning materials that can be used to create labels for outdoor gear that are durable and waterproof.  Not only can these materials help to strengthen the branding of your product, but they also provide additional durability and protection from the elements. You can find an overview here.

All in all, sticker labels are becoming increasingly important when it comes to creating an attractive product presentation and providing meaningful information about the item being sold. By investing in high-quality stickers and labels, companies can ensure their products are labelled correctly and protect their customers from making uninformed purchases. With the ever-growing competition in today’s market, it has become essential for businesses to provide well-labelled products that meet customer expectations.



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