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How much to charge for an animation video

Animations have played an important role in shaping modern marketing systems for businesses all around the world. Traditional marketing tools such as advertising through television, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines & radio have become outdated in modern times.

These have been replaced by modern marketing tools such as SEO, Websites, social media & Search Engines. These digital marketing platforms have become a marketing powerhouse where videos have proven to be beneficial when it comes to marketing businesses on the internet platform. Businesses now can have full control over their marketing activities, such as brand awareness, marketing strategy, video & photography, animations to be used, target market, target audience & especially the explainer video cost. All thanks to the explainer video revolution that has paired well with digital marketing platforms.

Explainer videos have proven to be a game changer in advertising brands, & businesses on the internet platform. These short informative videos showcase the product, services & other features of a business very effectively, helping businesses spread brand awareness through the internet platform on a shorter scale of time.

The best form of explainer videos are animated explainer videos, a researched proved that animated videos boosted the attention & focus of the viewer 96% more when compared to other explainer video types. Making animated explainer videos the clear winner in the marketing game, but often a question arises how much should animated explainer video pricing be?

Today we shed the light on animated explainer videos, & how much should an animated explainer video cost & how can an animated explainer video company benefit you in making a perfect animated video for your business.

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What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are a type of explainer videos, that are short, informative, & help spread brand awareness on the digital platform. The best thing about an animated explainer video is that you have complete control over the video, you can add graphics, animations, voice-overs, music, sounds, infographics & many other customizations according to your requirements. The better this is that animated explainer videos help grab the attention of the audience 95% better when compared to other explainer video types. This dynamic makes animated explainer videos the clear winner, also the Animated explainer video pricing can be controlled by you, we discuss this further in more detail.

Animated Explainer Video Pricing?

This is one of the frequently asked questions, how much is too much for an explainer video to cost?  Or what should an animated explainer video pricing ideally be? We discuss today in detail what factors affect the animated explainer video pricing & what should be the exact-animated explainer video cost based on your requirements.


Usually the more animations, the higher the pricing, this is a simple rule to follow. If you decide to induce complex animations in your explainer video, the pricing will eventually be more. The 2D videos are cheaper when compared to 3D or moving animated videos. Further, you still have choices of what kind of animations should be used. Isometric animations, 2D-3D animations, motion animations & still animations are options from which you can choose. Based on animations you will usually be charged; a simple animated video cost can go from $500 to $7,000 for a 1–3-minute animated video.


Customized animations are those animations that are specifically animated & motioned based according to your requirements.

These animations could be a smartphone, a moving dog, dancing girls, or a shop showcasing your products. Complex customized animations are more expensive, further, if you want to include motion graphics, sounds & other customizations, the pricing can go even higher. So the more customizations, the more will be the explainer video cost.

Video Duration:

The average duration of an explainer video is 1-3 minutes. 1 minute is the gold-locks zone for successful animated explainer videos. The longer the duration, the more will be the explainer video cost, it is best suggested to keep your explainer video at least 1 minute. Based on your requirements, and video duration, the pricing can fluctuate. 

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Video Features:

An animated explainer video consists of all the ingredients, such as animations, sounds, voice-overs, music, background, VFX, video script, content, & many more features. The real pricing of an explainer video is determined by the complex features it has, off-course customized animations on top of everything will surely raise the pricing, but it will be worth every penny. From $1000 to $50,000 the pricing of an animated video can be determined based on the features & customizations it has.

Best Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer Mojo is the leading-animated explainer video company in the USA that provides a wide range of services related to explainer video production all under one roof. We are a dedicated animation team, & a group of professional video marketers who craft the best & most elusive explainer videos at competitive prices. As a team we focus on client satisfaction, we have a dedicated explainer video production team that will help you get that perfect animated explainer video for your business. Feel free to connect to the best-animated explainer video company Explainer Mojo today.

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