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How to Get Better Skin

Believe it or not, having the perfect skincare routine is quite simple. Typically, you don’t need more than just a few things.

For instance, you need a moisturizer, some kind of daily sunscreen that suits your skin type, and some kind of retinoid every evening. Also, feel free to wash your face with a cleanser – if you feel like it. And this is all you need to know to get a really good skincare routine going.

Now that we have covered the basics let us dig a little bit deeper into it.

Why do you need skincare?

If you aren’t convinced that you need to get some good skincare products, you will want to clear the first point of why you need skincare in the first place.

The answers are quite simple – it is all about healthy and pretty skin. Besides, the skin is the largest organ, and it is our duty to take care of our skin.

In the absence of a dedicated skincare routine, you are more likely to have serious skin issues, such as acne or premature aging. And if you don’t want to opt for facial botox, you might want to maximize your skincare results now.

There are millions of skincare products out there, such as avocado face masks, scrubs, exfoliators, serums, charcoal cleansers, and so on.

Nonetheless, to get the best results, you don’t have to buy everything that is offered in the markets – but – you will want to follow a few simple rules religiously, and you will do absolutely fine.

Here are the rules:

Use a Moisturizer

So, why should we actually moisturize? The most important thing that the skin does is that it acts as a barrier to the outside world to keep irritants and allergens outside and lock in moisture.

That said, if the skin loses moisture and gets dry – the barrier weakens, resulting in inflamed and itchy skin. Worst case scenario – you might get infections. So, get a good moisturizer to rehydrate the skin, replace the natural fats and proteins and keep the skin barrier intact.

Use Sunscreen

Sun exposure doesn’t only cause tanning, but it damages the skin, causing sunburn and wrinkles. And sun damage can also occur when you never actually get sunburnt – but – you just tan. Technically, this aspect is also known as photoaging.

The sun is constantly bombarding us with UV radiation that mutates the DNA in our skin cells. Subsequently, the more UV light we are exposed to without protection, the more we get wrinkles and dark spots from the DNA mutation.

Now you know why you cannot sip sunscreen – even when it is cloudy.

Use Retinoid

Now, while most people might have heard about the importance of moisturizing and applying sunscreen, not everyone has heard about retinol as good for normal skin.

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That said, retinoid helps reduce pigment and unevenness, minimize wrinkles and acne breakouts, and improve the skin. You can see the best results if you apply a strong-enough retinoid for a long-enough time.



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