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Why Climatic Changes Are Occurring on the Earth?

Climate change is a fact and scientists predicted its effects a long time back. Researchers create real-life mathematical models of the earth which are based on the laws of physics and chemistry. These models explain how water and air travel, heat up and cool in the atmosphere and ocean, how pollutants react in the atmosphere, and how sunlight and infrared radiation interact with molecules. Based on these models scientists have predicted the devastations that are sure to happen in the near future due to climatic changes. The weather forecasters use the latest technology, radars, antennas, antenna positioner, and other tools to predict the upcoming weather conditions and the consequences that they may bring along.

This article details the reasons that are causing climatic changes.

Increase in Power Production

Most of the global warming is a result of an increase in energy consumption and the demand to fulfil the supply. Fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, are being burnt to meet the power demand and generate electricity. The burning of fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gas emissions blanket the earth and entrap the gases thus raising the overall temperature of the earth which results in climatic changes, like severe weather conditions, floods, melting of glaciers, etc.

Increase in Industries

The human population is increasing day after day and thus the demand for products like cement, iron, steel, electronics, plastics, clothes, and other goods, is also increasing. To serve human requirements more industries have to be established and more products and goods have to be manufactured. The rise in the industrial sector has caused a hike in gaseous emissions which are making the earth warmer and contributing to climatic changes.


As the population has increased the demand for houses and buildings has increased equally. To manage the construction for the giant number of people, forests have to be cut down. Forests are vital for maintaining the temperature of the world. They act as natural purifiers and keep the ecosystem intact. However, with the shortage of forests, the floods have increased and rains have reduced. Deforestation is another major reason that is contributing to the damage of climatic changes.

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Increase in Transport

Transport vehicles not only consume fuel but also emit a lot of gases that are harmful to the earth. In past years, there were fewer vehicles and only a limited number of trains and aeroplanes. But today the number of transport vehicles has drastically increased. Every individual today has a personal vehicle. The number of trains and planes has also increased. The emission of smoke and gases from cars is yet another cause of the climatic changes that the earth has to suffer.

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Consumer-Based Society

The biggest disadvantage that the earth is facing is the rapid growth in the human population. The human population is a consumer-based society, they want everything to live a perfect luxurious life and to make ends meet and come up with the demands of society. Every sector is working and advancing, ignoring the side effects that are occurring in the world.

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