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Questions to Ask About Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton

If homeowners have installed a swimming pool for the first time, they might not know how to take care of and maintain it. They might be confused about several things and systems, so experts recommend asking questions about pool maintenance service in Hoschton.

Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton Questions to Inquire About

The questions mentioned below are important because they will help homeowners maintain and take care of their swimming pools. These queries should be asked of a swimming pool maintenance staff.

What Should be the Time Duration of Pool Equipment Running?

The time duration of equipment running depends on the outside temperature. The pump and filter system should run between six to eight hours on a normal day. But when the temperature rises more than seventy degrees, it is recommended to run the equipment for more than ten hours.

When Brushing in the Swimming Pool is Required?

Today, all modern pools are equipped with a built-in automatic cleaning system, but it will not scrub off algae that have not been cleaned for a long time. So, brushing is required when algae are hard to remove through the cleaning and filter system.

Is the Swimming Pool Draining Necessary in Winter?

Companies providing pool cleaning in Hoschton will recommend not draining the swimming pool during the closing season of winter. If you drain your pool, cleaning the debris will become difficult as you have to pick up everything from the bottom of the swimming pool.

When Cleaning the Pump Basket and Skimming Important?

Homeowners need to keep a constant check on the skimmer and the pump basket. These parts should be free from debris; otherwise, things will get stuck in them and cause serious issues.

How Often is Shocking Required?

Swimming pool maintenance experts have recommended shocking the water at least once a week. Another point to note here is that there is often enough chlorine in the water that shock is not required.

What Services are Offered by Pool Cleaning in Hoschton?

Clients should know what kinds of services swimming pool maintenance companies provide. These services should include cleaning, maintenance, opening, closing, automation, repair, pool equipment installation, and inspection.

How Many Hours After Maintenance Should Swimming Pool be Used?

It has been recommended that you wait for at least eight to twelve hours after the swimming pool services have been hired. Some maintenance companies like Clear Tec Pools have suggested not using the pool for twenty-four hours.

Is Covering the Pool Important During Winter?

Covering the swimming pool during the winter is essential because leaves, dead animals, branches, and twigs fall into the water and can damage the pump and filter system. The swimming pool has to be properly covered during the closing season.

When Should the Swimming Pool be Closed for Winter?

The selection of the right time can be determined by the weather and temperature of your house location. Experts have recommended starting the closing process by the end of fall because the trees might have shed all their leaves.

What Services are Included in Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Before hiring a pool cleaning service for maintenance, you must know what things are included in it. The pool maintenance services include inspecting, cleaning, and replacing the pool parts and system.

What is the Process of Backwashing?

Backwashing is a process in which the pump is run reverse, so the water flows back into the filter system. This is a unique way to wash and clean the filter system. Backwashing can be done when you have planned to change the swimming pool water.

Is There a Time When Backwashing should be Avoided?

It has been recommended by companies providing a pool maintenance service in Hoschton to do backwashing at least twice a month or depending on the use of the swimming pool.

These are the important swimming pool maintenance questions that homeowners should ask.

Below are three further questions explaining some other points about swimming pool maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my pool look green but the water is clear?

According to companies providing the pool maintenance service in Hoschton, the green color in your pool can be because of algae resistant to chlorine, the pH level in the water is too high, or pollen has fallen into the pool.

How do I know if my pool filter is clogged?

When you start noticing that the water quality is deteriorating, backwashing is required frequently, sudden changes in the water pressure, strange noises coming from the pump, and the filter cartridge is damaged; this means the filter is clogged.

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What are the signs of a pool pump failing?

If you experience rumbling, screeching or grinding sounds, dirty water is thrown by the pump and water spits out of the pump; this indicates that the pool pump is becoming old and failing.

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