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MacBook beeping 3 times at startup?

There are few sweeter sounds than Mac’s startup chime. So lots of us love that sound that Apple introduced it lower back in Big Sur, having deserted it some years earlier. However, that chime isn’t the simplest feasible sound your Mac can also additionally make at startup, and the others aren’t as welcome. Those different sounds are a chain of beeps that imply some thing is inaccurate internal your Mac and that the hassle will be serious. In this article, we’ll provide an explanation for what to do in case you pay attention your Mac beeping 3 instances at startup.

Why does your Mac beep at startup?

If your Mac’s beeping whilst it’s beginning up, it could be telling you there’s some thing wrong. Two feasible troubles can reason beeps.


This is the maximum not unusualplace reason of a Mac beeping at a startup. It approach your Mac can’t come across RAM, that RAM modules have come loose, or that the RAM didn’t byskip a device integrity test.


The different opportunity is a hassle together along with your Mac’s firmware. Usually, the beeps imply that your Mac has detected a hassle with its firmware.

What does 3 beeps out of your Mac at startup imply?

Different numbers of beeps, and the spacing among them, imply diverse varieties of troubles. In this case, there are  unique styles in that you may pay attention 3 beeps.

Three beeps, then not anything for 5 seconds, then 3 greater beeps.

If you pay attention this sample, it approach that your Mac’s RAM didn’t byskip a device integrity test.

Three lengthy beeps, 3 brief beeps, then 3 lengthy beeps once more.

This sample shows that your Mac has a hassle with its firmware and it’s miles being restored to repair it.

How to repair 3 beeps accompanied through a 5-2d pause hassle

This sample of beeps generally shows an trouble with RAM. So, when you have currently brought RAM or changed vintage RAM, you ought to test that the brand new RAM is seated securely. If the RAM changed into geared up at a Genius Bar or Authorised Service Center, you will ought to take it lower back there to have it checked. However, you could strive a pair of factors earlier than you do that.


The NVRAM is a small quantity of reminiscence that holds statistics even if the strength is off. It’s used to keep crucial settings and records your Mac wishes to boot. Resetting it may repair startup troubles. Here’s a way to do that:

Intel-primarily based totally Mac

Shut down your Mac.

Press the strength button, then without delay press and keep Command-Option-P-R.

If your Mac generally chimes at startup, keep the keys till you pay attention a 2d chime. If it doesn’t, keep them for 20 seconds.

Once your Mac begins offevolved up, test if the date and time are correct.

Mac with Apple silicon

Mac computer systems with Apple silicon reset the NVRAM whenever they begin up, and if it wishes to be reset, it’s accomplished automatically. So, there’s no guide manner to reset NVRAM on a Mac with Apple silicon.

Reset the SMC

SMC stands for device control controller, and occasionally resetting it may resolve troubles with startup.

Intel-primarily based totally Mac

The method is unique for computer and pocket book Mac computer systems.

Desktop Mac

Shut down your Mac.

Disconnect the strength wire and wait 15 seconds.

Reconnect the strength wire and wait some other 5 seconds.

Power up your Mac.

Laptop with T2 protection chip

Shut down your Mac.

Press and keep the strength button for 10 seconds, then launch it.

Press the strength button once more to begin up your Mac.

Laptop with out T2 protection chip

Shut down your Mac and unplug the strength wire.

Press and keep Shift-Option-Control onto the left of the built-0in keyboard and press the strength button.

Hold all of the keys down for 10 seconds, then launch them.

Connect your strength cable and bait your Mac generally.

If you’ve got got an older Mac with a detachable battery, reset the SMC through powering off, unplugging, getting rid of the battery, urgent the strength key, and conserving it for 5 seconds. Then update the battery and strength cable and begin up as usual.

Mac with Apple silicon

Mac with Apple silicon, just like the M1, M1 Max, or M2, don’t have a device control controller.

How to run protection to your Mac

It’s a terrific concept to run ordinary protection to your Mac to save you troubles from occurring. The simplest manner to do this is to apply a completely accessible device known as CleanMyMac X. It can unfastened up RAM, run ordinary protection scripts, restore disk permissions, and greater. It’s notarized through Apple and has a unfastened version — you could down load it here.

Free up Mac RAM with CleanMyMacX

Here’s a way to use CleanMyMac X to run ordinary protection:

Launch CleanMyMac X.

Choose Maintenance in CleanMyMac X’s sidebar.

Check the circle subsequent to Free Up RAM and Run Maintenance Scripts.

Press Run.

If you need to run different protection exercises simultaneously, simply test the circles subsequent to them earlier than you press Run.

How to repair 3 lengthy beeps, 3 brief beeps, then 3 lengthy beeps once more

When you pay attention this sample of beeps, it approach your Mac has detected a hassle with its firmware and is restoring it. All you want to do is watch for it to finish, and it’ll startup generally. You can manually revive or repair the firmware on a Mac with Apple silicon the usage of a USB-C cable to attach it to some other Mac and Apple’s Configurator 2. You can locate information on a way to do it on Apple’s website.

Three beeps whilst your Mac begins offevolved up imply a hassle with firmware or RAM. You can frequently repair it pretty easily, however if the hassle is a hardware one with the RAM modules themselves, you could want to take your Mac to a licensed provider middle or Genius Bar.



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