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How to Watch Free Movies on Roku

What to Know

Select a channel to your Roku tool to peer its to be had loose programming.

Popular channels: Roku Channel, Crackle, Popcornflix, Crunchyroll, Midnight Pulp, Tubi, Pluto TV, Prime Video.

This article explains a way to watch loose films to your Roku tool. Additional statistics covers which channels provide loose content.

How to Watch Free Movies on Roku

On Roku, apps are called channels, as they feature similar to conventional channels.

The channels, much like apps on an Android or Apple platform, offer direct get right of entry to to a carrier provider’s content.

Select a channel after which watch the to be had loose programming.

Roku Channels With Free Content

The Roku Channel

When you are searching out loose films on Roku, the Roku Channel is a first rate location to start. Roku has positioned a large amount of attempt into constructing an incredible preferred channel for Roku users, entire with a library of loose films. These are actual, Hollywood films, however the choice has a tendency towards older movies.

The Roku channel’s film library is continuously developing and presenting new options. While you should not anticipate the state-of-the-art blockbusters, you may not have any problem locating some thing right to watch.

Roku Channel homepage


Crackle is a loose streaming carrier from Sony. It gives a reasonably big library of streaming films from Sony Pictures, that means those are actual, big-call films to be had to your Roku at no cost.

Crackle is one of the great reassets of loose films you may discover to your Roku, or anywhere. The films are not the most modern releases, however you may discover titles and actors you recognize.

A screenshot of the Crackle website.


Popcornflix is some other loose streaming carrier devoted to supplying films at no cost. Popcornflix is straightforward to navigate, however it is not a assignment from a first-rate film studio, so maximum of the movies are not the top-grade Hollywood films you may discover on a few different channels. Instead, you may discover a whole lot of smaller-finances productions and B-grade sci-fi and horror.

Popcornflix Roku Channel


Anime fans, rejoice! There’s a first rate loose alternative for you, too. Crunchyroll is certainly considered one among the most important anime streaming offerings, and it has a massive library of loose anime films and suggests to get right of entry to via your Roku.

Not the whole lot on Crunchyroll is loose, and there are ads, however do not allow that discourage you. Its catalog is massive, and you are positive to discover some thing first rate to watch.

Crunchyroll Roku Channel

Midnight Pulp

While Popcornflix edges into that pulpy B-film territory with its library, Midnight Pulp doubles down and embraces it.

Midnight Pulp has the whole lot cheesy, pulpy, and definitely insane. With a big library of sci-fi, horror, martial arts, and anime films from pretty much each generation of movie, you cannot likely cross wrong. Note that Midnight Pulp does have top rate paid content.

Midnight Pulp Roku Channel


Tubi companions with main movie studios to deliver you a whole lot of loose films. It’s pretty just like Crackle and the Roku Channel in what it gives. The movies to be had were out for a while, and there are not many big-call titles.

That said, they are nonetheless actual Hollywood films, and Tubi TV’s library is continuously converting and evolving. With respectable series and no ads, there is not any motive now no longer to present Tubi TV a try.

Screenshot of the Tubi channel at the Roku app.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a loose streaming carrier promising definitely loose TV, and it genuinely delivers. Movies are to be had, as well, as a number of the channels Pluto gives air films, much like the cable channels you pay for.

Pluto is without a doubt loose and does not require a subscription. It works loads like paid streaming offerings inclusive of Sling, with a comparable manual interface. You can browse via the channels, see what is one, and perhaps discover a first rate film you could watch on-demand.

Pluto TV Roku Channel

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is not technically loose, however a whole lot of human beings are already purchasing the Amazon Prime carrier and now no longer taking gain of the loose movies that include it.

The Prime Video channel offers you get right of entry to to masses of films that include your Amazon Prime subscription at no extra charge. You may even browse specially at no cost films.

Amazon is constantly increasing its library, and that consists of pretty latest releases and big-call movies. If you are already purchasing Prime, this one is loose, and it without difficulty gives the great choice.



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