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The prices of graphics cards are dropping However, don’t get these cards yet

Retail is expected to experience more drastic price reductions. Don’t fall for the eBay “bargains.

Prices for graphics cards fell once more but by a smaller amount than the retail prices. However, the bigger declines are still evident in the second-hand market.

The current generation GPU price at retail (Nvidia RX 3000 or AMD X 6000) are down by 3% in July. Although this might not seem as much, it’s still the trend of a steady downward decline. This is a gradual, constant decline in price tags which were much over the MSRP (recommended levels) in the past.

A lot of graphics cards are lower than MSRP. While the majority of them are AMD graphics cards than Nvidia’s, a few are the RTX3090T, which is 17% cheaper than its MSRP , according to Tom’s Hardware. The RTX 3080T costs 10% cheaper, whereas the RTX 3090 is three percent less. The higher-end models are being used with this method.

Other Nvidia GPUs are still about 15% or so above MSRP. In the instance of RTX 3050 is an astounding 31 percent more.

The majority of the current generation AMD graphic cards are below MSRP. Some, like the RX6900 XT with a price cut of 15% or the RX6600 with 17% are lower than MSRP.

AMD’s Radeon 6800 and RX6800 XT are both priced higher than MSRP. They’re only 3and 6 percent over their MSRPs.

The decline on GPUs on eBay dropped in average by 14% when compared June 1 to June 1 and June 1, has been more significant. The average decline of 17% in second-hand cards from previous generations before today’s RTX 3000, or RX 6600 cards were more shocking.

Tom’s note that on average, GPU price drops since 2022 average five percent, and this is how much has dropped in the first quarter of this year.

It is crucial to remind people of our warnings concerning older GPUs being auctioned off on auction websites. Although second-hand gaming cards might appear appealing due to their steep price reductions, particularly the premium models, it’s crucial to keep in mind that a lot of the models that are being sold on eBay are from former miners who had to dispose of their equipment since the crash of crypto.

The GPUs be in use for prolonged times and will not last long enough to ensure their long-term longevity. This is similar to purchasing a car that has a significant amount of miles (and which was driven very hard). The chance of something going wrong could be a bit uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that GPUs can be costly, therefore they might present claims that the GPU was not used on a normal PC to entice buyers. Do not believe anything that sounds too promising to be true, or too costly.

In actuality, due to the clearing process, buying an used GPU is difficult at the moment. We advise staying clear of the market, at a minimum for a while.

It is best to be patient and wait to see the latest graphics cards for sale. With the hope that pricing will decrease further because of the increased pressures coming from the next generation GPU launches, we’re better in the long run to hold off.

According to reports, Nvidia could see a decrease in the retail price. Nvidia has previously it has been resisted the price drop more than AMD mostly due to the market demand for RTX 3000 graphics cards. Yet, Team Green is rumored to hold the “enormous” amount of current-gen inventory. This could indicate that the current situation may not be able to last.

It is thought that Nvidia will reduce production orders and hold off shipments somewhat. When retailers attempt to clear their stock that includes RTX 3000 units, they could also try to lower costs. This could result in larger price cuts. But, buyers who are less confident and eager to hold off for RTX4000 GPUs are more prudent.

It’s a good idea to be patient and wait for Nvidia pricing to further drop but before we think about the disruption to the GPU market caused by Intel finally launch its own desktop Arc Alchemist graphic cards.

The hype around Arc GPUs is surprisingly low in recent times. There is still a lot to be debated about the performance of drivers and performance. Intel might be able to attack pricing and may give a strong competition to the lower end of the market. This could create a new incentive for AMD or Nvidia to reduce the price of GPUs.



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