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BT is under fire for burying the news of price hikes in time for the birth of Royal baby

“It seems appropriate to announce that BT have revealed an increase in their already “heir raising” prices at a time when all eyes are at the royal birth of their baby. BT are aware that in the coming weeks and beyond the press will be overwhelmed by stories and images about royal babies and the Royal Family,” said James Wilson the Marketing Director of XLN Business Services.

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Bank of England will probably have to raise rates once more according to deputy governor

BT have increased the line installation of 7 percent, and the Business broadband (unlimited) and business package rates by 6 percent. Customers will be forced other than to pay these charges for broadband connections and phone line or may look elsewhere for service providers.

“At the time that small-scale companies are experiencing financial difficulties, these price hikes will be another blow to our heroes in this UK economy. “



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