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How to Apply for Adidas Product Testing

How to become an Adidas product tester

Apply online if you wish to try Adidas products. You will need to enter your email address and address as well as your body measurements and shoe size. Additionally, you should provide information about your demographics and sport profile. If you meet the requirements you will be invited to participate in the tests. You will then receive the product via mail. Follow these steps if you are interested in taking part in the Adidas product test. Visit the official site to learn more about this opportunity.

Testers for Adidas must be enthusiastic about promoting the company and its products. Adidas is looking for people who share the same interests and lives as they do, in order to find the best way for their products to reach the right people. You don’t need to provide any personal information to become an Adidas product tester. It is important to have a passion for athletics and other sports. While product testing for Adidas is a rewarding job, it can also prove stressful and time-consuming.

To test out Adidas products,

  • You must sign up first on the company’s website.
  • Your full name, age, gender and email address must be provided.
  • You must also provide your measurements in order to be able the product to be tested.
  • Also, you must keep these answers confidential.
  • After receiving the product, you must return it safely.
  • Adidas will send you free goods if you sign up for this program.

Adidas product tester

To be an Adidas product tester you don’t necessarily have to be a professional athlete. It’s even more rewarding if your skills aren’t in sports. Apart from receiving merchandise free of charge, you can also help the company create new products. You’ll be given special offers and discounts. This is so simple and easy! You’ll be amazed at the benefits of being part of the Adidas Product Testing Program. This is one of the best ways you can test the latest designs.

  • Once you have been selected, you will be sent a product.
  • You will need to send it back via post and complete the testing process.
  • The benefit is well worth the effort.
  • Free shoes for you to use and an opportunity to test new Adidas products before the competition.
  • It’s a great way for you to make money while also being a part of the Adidas community.

Apply For Adidas Product Testing

Test subjects for the Adidas product testing program can be applied if they are interested in a particular shoe or accessory. The program is open for all. There is no minimum age, and applicants will only be selected based upon their preferences and shoe sizes.

After being selected, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and wear the product for either a few hours or several days. Once you have been selected, the company will contact you to provide instructions.

  • You can register at Adidas’ official website to apply for a position as a test subject.
  • For the program to be activated, you will need a valid email account.
  • Your body measurements, shoe size, as well as demographic information will be required.
  • A sport or athletic profile will be required. You should also indicate any allergies to certain products.
  • Once your approval has been granted, you will receive instructions on how to test the product.
  • Adidas will accept your return once you have received the product.

Adidas product testing isn’t for athletes or those who excel in sports. Fill out the online application, providing your email address and answering some demographic questions. After submitting the form, you will receive an invitation from the company along with a sample product. After you receive the product, you will be asked to fill out a short survey. Then you will be asked for feedback and to return the product.

The application process to become an Adidas tester was very easy

  1. Fill out the online form and confirm your email address to complete the survey.
  2. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a pair of shoes that you can test and will be required to use them for one month.
  3. The test is free and you will be paid for it!
  4. This is a fantastic opportunity to test new shoes and apparel.

You will need to complete an online application if you are interested in being an Adidas product test subject. This includes your gender, body size, and other basic information. Once you are selected for the program, the company will get in touch with you. The entire process takes around four weeks. After you receive your first emails, your first test product will be delivered to your inbox. After you have been accepted, you will need detailed logs of all your activities each day and fill out a questionnaire based on these.

Adidas product testing program

Anyone interested in sports can apply to the Adidas product testing programme. You can sign up for the program by visiting the official website. Once approved, you will need to fill out a short survey about yourself and your favorite aspects of the product. Also, you will need to fill out a survey regarding the size of your glove as well as your body. You will need to keep a log for at most four weeks and send your sample back.

  • Adidas’ product testing program can be fun and easy.
  • You’ll receive brand-new sneakers as a test subject.
  • The shoes will be available for you to try them out for two or four weeks before you decide whether to purchase them.
  • The company will not allow you to keep your test products but they should be in good condition.

This questionnaire will collect information about your lifestyle and daily activities.

An email address is required to complete an online survey and register for the Adidas product test program. Your body measurements, shoe size, and other details will be required. For the company to properly evaluate the products that have been tried on, you will need to fill out a detailed demographic and sports profile. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be invited to take part in product testing. After the testing is complete, you will be asked to return the product samples.

Adidas will send you emails with instructions regarding the testing process.

You’ll receive the product once you complete the survey. It’s completely free and you only need to confirm your email address. It’s easy as pie. Once you have been selected, an invitation will be sent to you inviting you to participate. Adidas will send you a pair free of shoes after you have agreed to participate.

Participating in the Adidas product test program will require you to complete a short questionnaire about yourself. This survey will allow you to tell us about your clothes size and preferences. Adidas will contact you after you pass the interview. You will receive shoes, socks and other items in the mail. Once you have finished the testing, you will need to return them. As a bonus, you will receive a pair free of running shoes.

You will need to sign-up for the Adidas email list to be able to participate in their product testing program. If you are selected, you’ll be contacted through email. You’ll be sent a sample of Adidas shoes or other clothing if your application is accepted. You’ll need to use the product for four weeks after you have received it. If the shoe is not what you expected, you can send it back.

Apply for the Adidas product testing program

You will be contacted by the company via email to find out if you have been selected. Adidas will send you products that you can try once you have been accepted. As this could jeopardize Adidas, it is important to keep all information confidential. The test items must be returned safely and can also cost a lot.

Adidas Product Testing: The Pros and Cons

Adidas product testing is open to all who are interested. At the moment, interested customers can receive a free product testing.

The Adidas product testing program is simple, despite having a few requirements.

  • Most times, you’ll receive a free pair in return for your honest review on its performance.
  • This program lasts for several months so you can test drive a new model before it is released.
  • You will need to give real feedback to the company so be objective.

For a small fee, you can give your apparel or sports gear to Adidas for product testing. For your honest feedback, the company will also send you a product. It is the only way they can improve products. You can’t expect to be paid for this. However, the company’s goal remains to continuously improve its products, and to create new ones for its customers.

The participation requirement is also an important part of the testing process. Adidas will not allow you to keep the shoes you have tested, but they do not want you sharing your information with other brands or posting pictures of the products on social networks. Before the products are released on the market, the company wants to know what people think. Once all the testing has been completed, the shoes will arrive and you will be able to wear them proudly.

Participants in Adidas product tests are required to keep track of the products for several months in exchange for free shoes.

  • They also have to interact with other testers in order to provide feedback about the product’s performance.
  • They are then eligible to receive free merchandise after their testing period.
  • These incentives are not the only ones they have. They also have the option to be paid for their work.

Below are some pros and cons about product testing at Adidas.

  • While there are some downsides to the Adidas product test program, they are not worth the time and effort.
  • You may be disqualified from testing if you do not meet the company’s standards.
  • It is important to realize that participation does not require you to be a professional.
  • As a tester, your shoes will be free for a few months.
  • The Adidas Product Test is designed to help you decide if this product is worth your money.


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