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100+ Twitter bios ideas: Best Twitter bio

Twitter is a place where people often post funny Twitter Bios. These bios are a great way to shock your friends and show them you are better than their bios. Many people set up their Twitter bios to gain more followers. These are some of my favorite Twitter bio ideas.

Most memorable Twitter bios

  1. You should be positive about yourself. It should be upbeat and positive, but not too arrogant. This will help people avoid being turned off.
  2. I’m not smart. I wear glasses.
  3. Therapy costs more than ice cream.
  4. Be human. It’s crucial to ensure that your writing is authentic.
  5. No Bio for 3 Years
  6. No one can approve of you on Twitter. Yours.
  7. Consuming whole apples cores because you don’t want to go to the garbage can, that’s what you did.
  8. You don’t need to have much to say. Come sit with me and we can laugh at people together.
  9. To raise casual conversation to medium-level talk
  10. Because I am able to live without you every breath that I take.
  11. I don’t know who I am…
  12. A single apple per day is enough to keep everyone away, provided you throw it well enough!
  13. Funny tweets were my first passion when I was 16 years old. It’s been 12+ years, and I still do the same.
  14. Recently, I gave up Warcraft, which has led to a dramatic increase in my productivity and alcohol consumption.
  15. When I’m drunk, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram shouldn’t be allowed.
  16. Life F@@ks me. Now it’s my turn.
  17. Twitter is still not something I understand, but I am now.
  18. Believe in yourself, dream big, work hard and stay focused to live the life you want.
  19. Yes, I’m still indeed alive.
  20. Perhaps the most discerning meat eater in the entire world
  21. I’m so much cooler online. Aren’t they all?
  22. Have you explored the world? Now, get to work!
  23. If I were to win the award for laziness, I’d send someone to get it for me.
  24. I am currently working on my Twitter bio. You can check it again after ten more years.
  25. I’m not smart. I wear glasses.
  26. Heaven won’t let me, hell is afraid, but I’ll take it!
  27. Math is one of the problems that I have, and I don’t know how many.
  28. My life is my own, and there are more lives available.
  29. Music is my second nickname. I’m CASSANDRA, by the way
  30. Self-love can often seem unrequited.
  31. Only Swag girls are attracted to hashtags on Facebook.
  32. If beauty is your passion then kindness is mine.
  33. It’s not a mindset, it’s the way I am.
  34. Don’t call me cute!
  35. Perfect has 7 letters, as does It’s meee. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
  36. Bald. Unreliable. Distracted easily.
  37. If I was funny, I’d have a great Twitter bio.
  38. Only here for the troll. Don’t expect to learn anything.
  39. Instagram has one person who does not claim to be a social-media guru.
  40. I’m here for friends on Facebook.
  41. I no longer talk to myself.
  42. If beauty is your passion then kindness is your passion.
  43. Another survivor from paper cutting
  44. I may be wrong. But I don’t claim perfection. It’s possible I could become something that I never dreamed of.
  45. While I may not be unique, my edition is very limited!
  46. What about a trip to Thailand? Let’s pack our bags!
  47. I am on an unending path to success.
  48. It’s like having me in your life is a threat of joy.
  49. Simple love, laughter, and your smile are the reasons I like you.

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Funny Twitter Bios for Your Profile

  1. You shouldn’t follow my lead, because I don’t even know where it is.
  2. Tag or hashtag accounts or companies you are associated with.
  3. I can fall asleep with my eyes closed, and it’s so easy for me to sleep!
  4. We are trying to change the name from Tweeting into Gregging
  5. You should forget about SEO and keywords. Spammers will not be looking for you this way.
  6. Sometimes I just want it all to end and make a handsome millionaire.
  7. My blood is made from coffee
  8. Use relevant emojis in your bio to make it more appealing.
  9. I am one in every melon.
  10. I always learn from others’ mistakes if they take my advice.
  11. Still hiring somehow
  12. The one who melts it, nails it
  13. A single apple per day is enough to keep everyone away, provided you throw it well enough!
  14. I can’t recall who or why my bio was stolen.
  15. Who’s a good boy, anyway? I am one!
  16. Rejoicing in my jar full of hearts and tormenting love.
  17. Naturally or artificially flavored.
  18. My DP will help you control your BP
  19. Deadpan is a dry, serious delivery for silly jokes or one-liners
  20. Government employee.
  21. Use Twitter to judge everyone. (Allow, I’m a professional judge)
  22. One girl’s quest to find the balance between too much coffee and not enough.
  23. Tweeting mainly about dairy consumption. People should milk it for its worth.
  24. Magic mushroom found in 21st Century cow dung
  25. Here, insert some pretentious information about yourself.
  26. Manhattan’s Viking is living among us and she’s wearing our pants.
  27. Top Gun can be quoted better than you, your friends, and me.
  28. I’m not on Twitter. Do something.
  29. I loved my old Twitter account. Then everyone at work found me. This is my brand new account
  30. There are two types in this world… I don’t like them
  31. I’m here to just talk to myself, and hope others are listening.
  32. Once I sneezed a beanie through my nose.
  33. God gave me lots of hair, but not much height.
  34. I wonder how many miles my thumb has traveled.
  35. I had planned to be the first African president. Barack changed everything.
  36. I’m not always sarcastic. Sometimes, I’m sleeping.
  37. Running is my passion. Never running out of money.
  38. You can make a joke about your job, or your life, that is relatable but not inappropriate.
  39. Water your plants at home.
  40. I would be ashamed if I could summarize my life in one line.
  41. But…What’s the fun? ?
  42. You won’t like me if you judge me.
  43. It’s used to entertain, knock someone down a few pegs or lighten up the mood in difficult times.
  44. You can’t live without living scars
  45. I’m just sunshine mixed with a little storm.
  46. I could be elegant. If I weren’t lazy.
  47. I don’t believe in skills. Passion is what I am!
  48. Smart blogging mom. It’s all really about me.
  49. I don’t know what to write in my bio.
  50. Recently, I gave up Warcraft, which has led to a dramatic increase in my productivity and alcohol consumption.


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