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Premature ejaculation in men is one of the most common disorders. At the same time, it is not a full-fledged disease, since the function of the genital organs is preserved, and at certain points in life (adolescence, long sexual abstinence) is generally the norm. Premature ejaculation (PE) refers to ejaculation with little sexual stimulation, as well as the inability to delay ejaculation for the time required for full sexual intercourse. This leads to the fact that sexual partners do not receive satisfaction from sex, conflicts arise. A man begins to experience psychological problems, fear of intimacy. If the pathology becomes chronic and begins to occur more often, the help of an andrologist is required.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

There are primary and secondary (acquired) forms. Primary occurs due to anatomical defects of the genital organs or pathological heredity. The debut of early ejaculation falls on the period of puberty, and does not depend on external factors (partner, situation, psychological state).

Causes of the congenital form:

  • hypersensitivity of the penis;
  • dysfunction of serotonin receptors;
  • short frenulum of the penis;
  • cavernous fibrosis.

Secondary premature ejaculation can occur against the background of a man’s complete physical health at any time in his life. The main reason is chronic urogenital diseases. Also, hormonal disorders that are characteristic of endocrine pathologies can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Factors that significantly increase the risk of PE include:

  • obesity;
  • traumatic sexual experience;
  • chronic stress;
  • family problems (conflicts, emotional coldness between spouses);
  • the presence of neurological diagnoses – sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease;
  • irregular sex;
  • operations on the genitals or in the pelvic area.

An important factor is good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The lack of trace elements such as magnesium and zinc in a man negatively affects the quality of the ejaculate. Excessive addiction to alcohol reduces the ability to control the body, which entails the occurrence of unpleasant incidents in bed.

According to statistics, cases of early ejaculation occur more often in men with a low level of education, which may be associated with intellectual development and self-esteem.

Important! In young people who have just begun sexual activity, premature ejaculation is a relative norm. Provided there are no infectious diseases of the urogenital system. With sufficient sexual experience, the man gains confidence and cases of PE disappear on their own.

Diagnosis & consultation with doctors

The main consequences of pathological include:

  1. Sexual dissatisfaction.
  2. The inability of a man to delay and control ejaculation.
  3. Conflicts and problems in personal relationships, guilt and fear of intimacy.

With such symptoms, it is recommended to consult an andrologist or urologist. At the appointment, the doctor pays special attention to the collection of sexual history. For this it turns out:

  • the average length of time before the onset of ejaculation;
  • the impact of PE on the quality of personal and sexual life;
  • whether the man has endocrine diseases or metabolic disorders;
  • how often there are cases of premature ejaculation;
  • at what age did the first case of PE occur;
  • whether the man is taking any medications.

A detailed study of the details of a man’s sexual life will allow the doctor to distinguish between congenital pathology and acquired. Doctors also distinguish the situational form of PE into a special group. In this case, premature ejaculation occurs only under certain circumstances (with the same partner, in a specific place).

Treatment for premature ejaculation

In some cases, it is enough to reduce the use of alcohol or other stimulating drinks (energy drinks, coffee) in order to restore a full-fledged sex life.

With psychological reasons, a positive result is achieved by establishing friendly communication between partners / spouses. The use of a condom or a change in position helps to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and increase the duration of the act. But such recommendations are effective only in the absence of problems with physical health. The choice of therapy depends on the cause of the pathology and its severity.

Conservative treatment of premature ejaculation

This group includes 3 main areas:

This method is easy to use and helps to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. It is important to correctly choose the dosage, and strictly adhere to the treatment regimen indicated by the doctor. In case of an overdose, the opposite result is possible – numbness of the penis and lack of erection.

  • Psychosexual Therapy

2 behavioral techniques are actively used – “stop-start” and “compression technique”. They help to recognize the feeling of imminent ejaculation and slow it down. Also, therapy is aimed at controlling the level of sexual arousal. Methods are included in the complex therapy of acquired premature ejaculation.

  • Taking medication

Used antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs. Also, the appointment of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) gives a good result. Their side effect leads to a delay in ejaculation.

If infectious diseases of the urogenital region are detected, a course of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs is prescribed. Additionally, vitamin complexes can be prescribed. For expert advice you can Contact Here



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