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Your Audible credit does expire. Here are the details about your Audible membership and your Audible credit.

Each month, you will receive one credit if you have an Audible Membership. But what happens if those credits aren’t used or you have more? What happens to the credits?

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Audible credits do expire

After they are issued, your Audible credits will expire after 12 months. You might consider using a random credit that you have had in your account for a while. If you don’t own any audiobooks you really want to listen, you might consider giving one to someone else by using the “Give As A Gift” option.

You can give an audiobook with credits as a gift.Devon Delfino/Business Insider

According the company credits do not expire because they want to strike a “balance” between giving credit users the freedom to use them when they choose and rewarding the creators behind audiobooks. Audible does not pay royalties for credits that are redeemed.

You could also lose your credit on the site. You would also lose any credits if you decide to cancel your membership . The site may warn you of this warning.

The best way for credit to be protected from expiration or cancellation is to actually use them. It’s already been paid for.



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