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Three steps to change your primary PayPal address

Your PayPal primary email address will serve as your shipping address. It’s where all items purchased with PayPal are sent, unless there are other arrangements.

You should change your PayPal primary address if you are moving to a new place, whether it be a new city, new town or a completely new state.

Just a few moments will be required to update your Paypal shipping address. Here’s how you do it.

Change your primary address with PayPal

1. Login to your PayPal account.

Click the Settings icon.Steven John/Business Insider

2. In the window at the top right corner, click “Manage All Addresses”

Multiple physical addresses, multiple email addresses, and multiple phone numbers can be maintained.Steven John/Business Insider

3 Click to create a new address and hit “Set to primary”. You can also change the address of an existing address by hitting “Set to primary” beside it.

Your primary address might be different than your billing address.Steven John/Business Insider

A green check mark will appear at the top with the message “You changed the primary address.”

It is not possible to change your primary residence to one in another country. You will need to close your PayPal account before you can move internationally.



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