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There are 37 great and useful gifts you can give your coworkers for less than $50. These range from coffee-related goodies to herb garden kits.

The shopping experience for colleagues can quickly turn into a never-ending list of mildly pine-scented candles, Hallmark Cards, and candy that will be forgotten in the back of your desk drawer for many years. Although it is easy to buy thoughtful and impactful gifts for your loved ones, it can be difficult to add the subtleties that come with professionalism at work.

There are many wonderful gifts that you can give your coworkers. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on them. In fact, most of the best and most original gifts are not expensive.

37 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Coworkers:

A cute personalized mug

For most people, a cup or two of something energizing, such as tea or coffee, is the basis of a productive working day. Uncommon Goods mugs are highly functional, thoughtful, inexpensive, and something that they will use every day.

If you’re responsible for corporate gifts this year you can also create a group corporate ordering with the logo of your company.

Brownies that give back

These sweets are one of the most special gifts you can give. Simple, delicious, but more than what they seem at first glance, these sweets are great. These are the exact brownies Ben & Jerry’s uses to make its ice-cream. Additionally, they were made by a B Corp that promotes inclusive hiring and connects its employees to resources such as community gardens and sustainability programs.

A basil plant kit for them

The Garden Harvest Set might be a good option for someone who loves to cook and wants to grow fresh basil for their next batch of pasta. It comes with a passive hydroponic kit, which includes Genovese Basil seeds, chrome-plated stainless steel scissors, pruning shears and two cotton tea towels.

Hand-selected Greetabl gift

The gift will be delivered in a box that looks like a “you Rock” print. There are many choices, including sea salt chocolates and mugs as well as bath bombs or photo stands.

If they are ever working from home, slippers for comfort

If you have the opportunity to work from home, your gift will appreciate these slippers that they can wear around their home. They are relatively inexpensive and don’t get sweaty like some other shearling slippers.

A very strong cup of coffee

Death Wish Coffee claims to be the strongest coffee on the planet, and is perfect for coworkers who need coffee like they need air.

You can give your husband or wife a cute candle as a token of appreciation.

Etsy can be a great place for unique and handmade gifts. This candle will let you show your best friend how much you appreciate them.

A portable four-liter mini fridge

This mini refrigerator is an invaluable tool for coworkers who are constantly having to take food or drinks into the office. It can store six 12-ounce sodas, and can switch between warm or cold temperatures.

A set of monogrammed pint cups for after-work beverages

Personalized pint glasses that match your work colleagues are the best way of displaying true friendship. Each one can be personalized with the initials of your friends at work to make happy hour even more memorable.

A mini humidifier equipped with color-changing lights

This essential oil diffuser is a great way to get rid of the stuffiness at work. This humidifier adds moisture to the air, while the auto-color-changing LED lights soothe the space and keep it alive.

You will find useful and fun games in this work-from home kit

This kit makes it easy to work remotely from your home. This kit brings together remote coworkers, even if they are miles apart.

A beautiful bottle of olive oil

High-quality olive oils are a must for anyone who enjoys cooking. Brightland Olive Oil adds a vibrant, zesty flavor to any dish. The bottle is also designed to be displayed in the kitchen.

A daily calendar that features photos and other information about the world’s most interesting places

Atlas Obscura calendar adds some humor to your daily routine. The Atlas Obscura calendar features hundreds of photos that showcase the coolest and most unusual festivals, places, and foods in the world. This is an excellent topic for travel enthusiasts and lifelong learners.

Ceramic planters with mini succulents

If your deskmate doesn’t have a plant, they might like one. (fine print: if it needs very little care). Get these ceramic planters on Amazon and fill them up with succulents. Just looking at the plants everyday may make your coworker more happy, according to science

You can rate wines by the way they pair with certain foods using fun kitchen towels

These wine pairing towels will be a hit with wine-loving members of your team. They are unique, thoughtful, and informal.

A candle that smells exactly like their favorite state

Homesick candles make a wonderful gift for anyone. You can use them to show your appreciation for someone you know well, and to let them know that you appreciate their friendship. You can also give your colleague a candle that you can keep for weeks. And scent is a wonderful place to start if your gift deals in nostalgia.

A 3-month subscription for freshly roasted whole bean, single origin coffees

A three-month subscription to this Brooklyn startup’s beans will be a great gift for those who are literally tied to the coffee pot. Driftaway delivers fresh, single-origin, whole-batch coffees from around the world to customers’ doorsteps.

A 3-month subscription to the Book Club that helped put “Gone with the Wind on the Map”

Gift subscriptions to Book of the Monthly are a wonderful gift for any team member who is a bookworm. This subscription has been in existence since 1926. The team of experts and celebrity guest judges selects the must-read books, which are often new releases, hot topics, or debut authors, and delivers them directly to the subscriber’s door. If your colleague is more into audiobooks, or ereading, consider a gift subscription for Scribd . (full review )

For those who need to organize their work, you can get a charging station for their desk.

This wireless charger will charge any protective case and can help your coworker manage their wires.

Miniature golf course that they can play from the comfort of their desk

You know someone who prefers to be on the golf green or would appreciate doing some sketching in class. Say no more.

Notice: Items ordered after Christmas may arrive.

This water bottle keeps cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 6-8 hours

The best coworker gifts are often the most practical and make the longest impression. This Hydro Flask is one such example. The Hydro Flask is double wall vacuum-insulated, and can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Hot drinks will stay hot for up to six hours. The line is a big favorite of ours.

The best portable battery on the market

Save your colleague’s phone from going dead on their next long commute. Because of its size, charging speed, affordability, and price, we ranked it as the best battery pack.

Desk cable clips keep cords organized and neat

A few of these cable clips can be paired with a nice card or some candy to make a thoughtful, low-key, and practical gift.

A lovely candle made by a cool startup

This is the candle they will be most excited to receive. Abigail Cook Stone, who was an art buyer for Ralph Lauren, founded Otherland. They are some of the most elegantly packaged and best-smelling products we’ve ever seen and make great gifts .

Extra-long charging cables are the best way to give unending convenience.

It’s something everyone will be thankful for a few times per day but never buy for themselves: a serpentine, 6-foot charging cable.

A notebook that they can wipe clean and then reuse

Rocketbook notebook contains 21 pages that can be used again and again. They can also send hand-written messages to Google Drive or Dropbox, iCloud and email. I use them very often.

Chemex in a glass, which makes full-flavored coffee every single time

Williams-Sonoma’s glass Chemex will provide you with fresh, tasty coffee every morning. The glass is heat-resistant and the wood and leather collar acts as an insulated handle.

For the hot sauce lover in your office, a keychain with sriracha sauce for you to go

The perfect gift for the coworker who is known for his or her ability to add hot sauces to everything sweet, savory, edible. The package includes two keychains in different sizes and a bottle of Sriracha.

A set of tools for a night out and a “Do Nothing” card by an independent artist

For a relaxing gift, pair the “Do Nothing” sloth card with a few accessories (like masks) and you can give a well-deserved date night to a colleague. This card, like all the Society6 collections, is also handmade by an independent artist. It’s a little cooler than something you might find at CVS.

Bluetooth key tracker that is small and easy to use

It’s impossible to go wrong with a compact and thoughtful tracker for your keys.

A gift card for a popular health-food startup

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery company that delivers healthy, fast food in just 30 seconds. Each meal costs less than $10 and is prepared by a chef and nutritionist team to achieve the right balance and taste. It is great for busy lifestyles and healthy eating.

This book contains unique cocktail recipes that match a song with a complementing cocktail

Give your best friend a book that pairs the best music of the 1950s and 2000s with cocktails that reflect the song’s mood, lyrics, or artist.

Subscriptions that deliver cool snacks

Love with Food provides organic, all natural, or gluten-free snacks so that snackers don’t feel guilty. Trending food brands provide healthier options such as bars, candy and chips. Love With Food partners with Feeding America to donate at least one meal per snack box.

A beautiful leather business card holder

Leatherology sells premium leather goods at a fraction price. The $45 Business Card Case is a great choice for workplace gifts. It features an invisible magnetic closure that holds up to 20 cards and is available in a range of leather types. An additional $10 can be spent on a monogram.

This bag folds up to the same size as a business card and is convenient for everyday use.

You can use this bag to pack lunch, extra shoes, and make a last-minute shopping trip to the grocery. The bag folds up to the same size as a business card. It can also hold 50 pounds of stuff .

Bob Ross can make a Bob Ross chia pet.

Do yourself, your coworker and your section of office a favor and get a Bob Ross Chia Pet. It will make a great conversation piece and be around for as long it lives.



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