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25 Colleges With Smart Students

You are well-known for being extremely attractive and smart. UCSB has many different types of people. However, people tend to dress casually and beachy during daytime and relaxed and casually sexy at nights. People dress and present themselves in a way that reflects the culture and environment of UCSB.

UCSB students are laid back but also have the ability to learn. Midterm and finals seasons will have many students, but you’ll still find friendly faces all year.

#16 Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, N.C.

“The Wake girls and boys are amazing. The majority of the guys are Southern Preppy, with a few athletes. …. girls should never wear sweatpants. ever.”

“The typical student is overachieving and stressed. But then, everyone gets to relax on Wake Wednesdays. This makes up for the academic pressure. There is a mix of Southern and Northern brands but definitely buy cowboy boots and bring sundresses/button downs and ties for tailgates!”

#15 Brigham Young University – Idaho

Rexburg Idaho

Everyone is so kind and willing to go the extra mile to make other people feel welcome and happy. This is likely due to the honor code which affects dress, honesty and appearance of students.

 While the girls are quite attractive, they always wear modest clothing. The Norm for girls is to be friendly and helpful with others. These interests generally revolve around the outdoors, church, or laser tag.

#14 Miami University

Oxford Ohio

#1 Hottest Guys, #1 Hottest Girls,

“Miami’s students are where you will find the most current fashions in clothing and glam. While there is a lot of partying, you will also find students who went out on Saturday and are still studying on Sunday.

Miami is known for having attractive people. Campus girls and boys are generally attractive and keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. However, Miami has a stereotype called ‘J.Crew U.’ But it’s not unusual for students to wear jeans to school.

#13 Yale University

New Haven, Conn.

“Yalies have a reputation for being beautiful. Even better, they are really interesting people. It can be hard to find the time and opportunities to date. However, I have met many happy couples. Yale’s screws (blind dances) are a great way to get your suitemates to help you find the right guy/girl for you!

“They are hot and smart! I was able to get the impression that they were more down to earth and laid back than any other person I had met.

#12 Boston College

Chestnut Hill in Mass.

“A typical student looks athletic, well-dressed, and is clean-cut.” It is often said that students look like J.Crew models.

“People from BC are very attractive and very desired. They often offer the whole package. BC is not a school for dating, but it is a hookup program. This can be challenging in four years, when your high-school friends are all in long-term relationships but you’re a single graduate.

#11 University of Miami

Coral Gables in Fla.

“Students at Miami have a reputation for being attractive. Athletics is a popular choice. But, there are many students who are very serious about their studies.

“There are many kinds of men and women. Miami is home to many people from all walks of life. The same applies to the girls. Miami has someone for everyone.

#10 Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, Calif.

 Both girls and boys are quite attractive. The majority of people dress in SCU gear and are always wearing stuff from the campus bookstore.

Santa Clara is a very attractive place. Everyone is nice, smart, and friendly. Although there are exceptions and some people who are a bit odd, the majority of people are attractive. My friends and I joke that it’s an admission requirement!”

#9 University of Southern California

Los Angeles, Calif.

“I love USC for the variety of people who go there. They can be great support systems, even though they are all high achievers.

People are generally friendly and open to helping others. Some students are a bit standoffish. The majority of students dress in Southern California style, with shorts and flip flops. But girls are usually more fashionable than boys and men tend to be more preppy.

#8 Howard University

Washington, D.C. They are both good-looking, and they start with fashion. Howard culture values fashion and most Howard girls are extremely fashionable.

Howard University’s Diverse Student body is, in my opinion, one of the main draws. This student body includes students from all over the world. It creates a kind of global experience on every campus and in every student organization available for human interaction.

#7 Colgate University

Hamilton, N.Y.

Colgate students are generally very well dressed and fashionable (and usually good looking). Students are very well-rounded, and they enjoy participating in campus life. While they are hardworking when it is about classes, students also try to have a vibrant social life.

Colgate is very much a hard-working school. Students spend equally much time in the library learning as they do out partying in the town.

#6 Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tenn.

“They’re all stunning. You will find a variety of men and women here. Everyone dresses up to impress and it’s very easy to make new friends.

Vandy has a wide range of people. However, most Vandy girls and boys are well-dressed and preppy. We see a lot from northerners and they certainly bring their style down here. Sperry’s are a great choice. They also have sundresses, pastel polos and cowboy boots. Despite the ‘Vandy Girl” stereotype, both girls and boys are smart. All are friendly!

#5 Stanford University

Stanford, Calif.

“The Stanford men are hot. They all seem to be built for Stanford weather, athletics, and they manage to get to the gym often. The girls are attractive too. Girls are not the ‘girl next door’ type. They tend to be very social.

 It’s not like other schools. You won’t have any trouble finding attractive people of all shapes, sizes, talents, hobbies, personalities, and sexual orientations. Trust me. When I first arrived at Stanford, I was worried that everyone here would be an awkward nerd and a huge snob. But the opposite is true.

#4 Georgetown University

Washington, D.C.

Georgetown’s students tend to be preppy, but they try to stand out in their own way. This leads to some uniqueness.

Many social interactions occur through clubs and campus groups (ask any Georgetown student which club or sport they are involved in and they will give you a list with at least four). These groups host the parties most often, but you can also get to know other students through daytime activities.

#3 University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Va.

“Everyone here seems so friendly and enthusiastic. People are involved in a lot of things and still manage to make time for class and parties. Although the “work hard, play harder” mentality is prevalent, there are plenty Type B individuals. Be wary of stereotypical views about everyone being pretentious or elitist. There is a wide range of people and many of them are friendly!

“UVA attracts a lot of very attractive people. It is known for being a place where students are strong, but this is not the truth. People here aren’t just amazing looking. The majority of people here are very friendly and down to earth.

#2 Pacific Union College

Napa Valley, Calif.

“Because we’re such a diverse school you’ll find girls and guys from all over the planet. This will allow you to get out of your comfort zone in dating and expose you to many new cultures. There is no limit to who you are able to date.

“People here look attractive. Although everyone maintains their own personal style, there is an expectation that everyone will look great outside of the dorm. Everyone works out. No, really. Everyone works out, and the men have super-hot bodies. The girls are very sweet and attractive too.

More information about Pacific Union College can be found at Niche

#1 Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

“Mormons can be attractive. It’s not clear why, but they are. Smart. This place is crazy hot! While they may appear to be judgmental, many of them are not.

“The vast majority of students are smart, beautiful, and well-informed. Most people enjoy having fun and are eager to meet new people.

“BYU boasts some of the finest people in the country. The majority of the people are friendly, and there are many smart kids. BYU is for you if you enjoy good, clean fun.



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