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Tesla Phone: New and Expected Prices, Release Dates, Specs and Other Rumors

There has been a lot of talk about rumors about a Tesla phone. It is rumored that it will be called Model Pi/P. Is a smartphone release possible? Although we haven’t been convinced by any credible sources that it exists, it got us thinking about what a smartphone manufactured by the world’s most important automaker would look like.

When will the Tesla Phone go on sale?

Tesla has a long history of releasing on-brand products, even though they are still interesting. This includes the Cybertruck-inspired all electric vehicle for kids. An umbrella with their logo on it and a stainless-steel whistle. While it would not be as surprising as adding a smartphone to this mix, it is not as convincing as some of the other items.

We have a few reasons to doubt that this phone is ready for release.

  • Many of the rumors are based on an early 2021 YouTube Video from adr studio design. But they clearly state these are the designer’s ideas and not any real leaks from Tesla. The source of most of the rumors we’ve seen seems to be that source.
  • We’ll go into more details below. But the ideas for this phone, such as Neuralink support or connectivity on Mars, are too advanced to be realistic right now. These capabilities do not have to be present in the phone’s initial iteration. However, a device may still be in production without them. When these ideas are being discussed so early, it’s normal to be skeptical.
  • It’d be counterproductive for one to try to do work if the future side effects of Neuralink brain-connected technology is to completely eliminate phones.

If these reasons aren’t enough for you, here’s a comment from Tesla CEO on the future smartphones.

Release Date Estimate

While some estimates put a release date of 2022 as the most ambitious, we’ll accept Musk’s tweet and conclude that these rumors were merely fantasies. While Tesla could release a phone in future, we don’t have enough information to support that. It is possible that the phone is being developed in secret and every rumor about it is true, but there is little chance of us seeing it before 2030.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

A phone with all of the advanced tech listed below would run more than a few hundred dollars. While the price of the next version could drop as more people begin to use the technology, most people wouldn’t be able to afford the first one.

Assuming that the phone is real (again we don’t believe so), and that it would be relatively basic with only a few of the rumored functions, it’d probably cost between $800-1,200.

Information about Pre-Ordering

We can imagine an announcement several months before the official launch, so pre-orders could be open early. However, without an official release date, we do not know when pre orders for Tesla phones could begin.

We will provide links to relevant information about pre-ordering, if we find any reliable information about a particular release.

It is much more common to have something simpler available first. This means that the first four to five features are only available with an Android-branded Tesla version.

Tesla will not release the phone until implantable brain machine interfaces are made available. It’s true that Musk wants the tech to be tested in humans in 2022. However, the first goal for the technology is to aid people with paralysis.

Tesla Phone Specs & Hardware

Assumptions can only be used with this phone. With zero reliable source, it’s not clear what the phone could look like inside. It would come with all the standard components: 1-2 TB of storage and 16 GB RAM.

For the exterior, take a look at the Tesla Model P concept designs by ADR Studio. They are the source for most of these rumors. Beyond the renderings we have shown, there are many other high-quality renderings that you can view.

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