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How to see your Spotify stats

This article will explain how to see your Spotify stats. You can view recent tracks in your profile or look at year-long trends using Spotify’s personalized playlists. Or, you can use a third party app or website.

How to see your Spotify stats on PC, Mac and the Web

Spotify is able to track your music over time and give insight into your listening habits. This is Spotify’s best feature.

. This allows you to find your favorite tracks and shows you how your tastes have changed over time.

You can view your Spotify history on Mac and PC using the Spotify app. The web interface gives you more information about your Spotify usage. These steps will allow you to view your top songs and playlists .

  1. Tap the name of your user profile in the upper right corner of the app.
  2. Choose Profile in the drop-down menu.
  3. Browse your most played songs and playlists. To expand the list, tap See All in any category.

How to check your Spotify stats on your mobile device

The mobile app also has the most current Spotify stats, however, the information is restricted to playlists and artists that are frequently played.

  1. Tap the Settings Icon (which looks almost like a gear).
  2. Select View Profile underneath your user icon.
  3. You can search your most played artists as well as your playlists. Select Your Library > select Artists and Albums.

Spotify: How to Find More Stats with

You can view your Spotify top songs, albums, playlists, and songs. But, it’s a good start., formerly known as Spotistats Spotify, is a mobile app that can give you a better view of your Spotify listening habits. It includes information such as when and how long you listen to music, top genres, and more. allows you to view statistics by month, year and custom date ranges for Spotify.

Here are the steps to get started using Spotify.

  1. Download Spotify from the App Store (iOS) or Get the Android version of Spotify from the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Log in > Continue.
  3. Tap Log In to access your Spotify account details.
  4. To give Spotify permission to access your Spotify account, tap Accept.
  5. You can view basic statistics on the Overview tab. This includes your top artists, playlists and activity.
  6. To see more statistics, tap Top. This will show you the top artists and songs, as well as all albums, that you have listened to in the past four weeks, six months or over a lifetime.
  7. To see top genres and usage percentages, tap Stats.
  8. Plus ($3.99) will give you additional stats. You will be instructed by the app to import your Spotify history. You’ll then be able view your streaming history including minutes, streams, total streams and more.


To view more information, you can link your Spotify account to a third-party statistics website. Stats for Spotify is one of the most used third-party Spotify stats websites. Here’s how it works.

  1. You can go to the Statistics for Spotify website, and then select Login With Spotify.
  2. To allow Spotify data to be accessed by the site, select agree
  3. To view more information about these categories, select Top Songs, TOP Artists or Top Genres.
    Spotify allows you to create a playlist from songs on your charts.

Other Spotify Stats Tools from Third Parties

These Spotify stats tools allow you to explore your Spotify stats in new ways.

  • Obscurify – The Obscurify website gives you an insight into your musical tastes in comparison to other users.
  • Receiptify – The Receiptify website app allows you to view your top tracks as a receipt.
  • Zodiac Assfinity: The Zodiac Assfinity website lets you know if your song selections are compatible with your astrological sign.
  • How Bad is Your Streaming Music? The How Bad Is Your Streaming Music website offers a funny take on your musical tastes. It also stereotypes you accordingly.

How do I see my Spotify Wrapped Story?

The Spotify Wrapped Story, which showcases your listening habits throughout the year, will appear on the home screen of any mobile, PC or Mac app. It will be located near the top of your home screen, usually in the playlists area. Wrapped typically arrives in late November, early December and disappears after New Year.

You can also see your Wrapped story and the information it draws, by visiting Spotify’s Wrapped website.

Can I see my Spotify wrap from years past?

You cannot view previous versions of the Spotify Wrapped Story. This story is removed after each new year and disappears.

The Spotify Wrapped story differs from the playlist. The Spotify playlist lists songs that you can play in your Spotify app, while the story highlights your favorite tracks and artists. Spotify removes the story from its playlists, but you can still access past playlists.

Past yearly playlists can be found in your playlists. These playlists are called Your Favorite Songs. They also include the year they were created. These playlists can also be found by searching Your TOP Songs.



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